viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

Reflection from my Last Learning Experience - Integrating the Web

Being able to combine traditional lesson plans with learning technology tools is a big step forward in the educational teaching environment. These last two modules have emphasized the importance of planning good lessons and how to include websites in the syllabus as well in the planning

Managing LT tools must be considered an essential part of the teaching – learning English process.  Once we accept it, we will be able to plan lessons according to the students needs and be in accordance with what the future expects from them. We can start by planning, organizing, and implementing creative ideas using LT. Creative ideas that all of us; teachers, have in common.  But always remember that LT not only refers to technological devices or software, it also refers to teaching norms and being always prepared to give an organized, clear and useful class where students and teachers engaged in one common purpose; enjoying teaching and learning a second language.

So, take your time and do some research in the web. There are many incredible ideas that will take you to where your students love to be; in a well organized, useful and fun class.

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