lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Reflection from my first days

When I first was informed that I was selected to take this course, my first reaction was of excitement and then it changed to hesitation.  But one of my personal characteristic is to always try and do my best, so here I am; taking a technology course that I know will improve my professional development and my students will take advantage of it too. 

My first day with my e-mates and my tutor was excellent; even though, I almost freaked out at one moment and was about to panic when I realized I was totally lost following a simple instruction.  But thanks to our patient tutor I was able to go on. I am sure I will be able to feel more comfortable in front of the computer next time.

It is amazing how much new vocabulary I have introduced in my hard disk, and what about the existence of a netiquette?  it’s so good to know that there are norms to follow when you go in the net. This is something I am for sure going to teach my students and my staff of teachers. I have even created my own blog; “marisela-technology in the classroom” I thought it was something difficult to do. I’m going to post this reflection there so you all are invited to read it.

Something I definitely have got out of this is not to be afraid of the unknown. There will always be people, institutions and friends who will be more than willing to guide and give you a helping hand. I feel a little bit more comfortable and I’m sure I’ll become a good e-navigator.

I still haven’t gotten the chance to practice anything with my students but I already have some ideas I’m going to include in the planning.  For example, symbols (they may know them already, but I will reinforce it anyway) to shorten content when chatting and of course the netiquette; this will be part of the “tech-class vocabulary”.

My group of teachers will also benefit from this as they will have the knowledge to prepare better classes and be in accordance with what the students like and want.

Next time I have an online class I will be better prepared as I have been checking the platform to get to know it better.  As I always tell my kids  “Practice makes perfect”.  

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